Uncensored photo sets with models. These are either new shoots I’m doing, which usually include a 2 hours behind the scenes video, or shoots that I’ve done in the past. 

They drop every Monday for the Executive Producer tier, and every other Monday for the Founder tier.

Camera roll 

Stuff from my phone. These are photos and screenshots from my iPhone that include behind the scene photos, screenshots of section of my camera roll, and stuff from everyday life.


Bonus content that drops once in a while: Bts videos from my current studio shoots. The 1 hour version is shared with the Founder tier of the Patreon page, and the full 2 hours is shared with the Executive Producers.

The videos are from a VHS camcorder I put on a tripod and hit record. It can also be considered a Podcast because you hear us talk and say dumb things for 2 hours.


Film sets of plants and flowers and bushes and leaves. I post these every other Monday and they’re 60% of the time shot on film every time.


Camera rolls of Bella Michlo, Giza Lagarce, Chandler Bailey, Gigi Paris, Samia Oz, Nilo Gardezy, Kala Jeanneret, Jenifer Rodrigues, Olivia Lindsay, Daniela Chang, Laetica B.

This segment is discontinued as of Septemer 2021 but the archives are still on the page and available to the Executive Producer tier.


Throwback image from an old set that I can’t share on Instagram. I post these every Monday,


Release:5th of every month

A digital book recapping the studio and garden sets from the prior month + exclusive set from the archives.

The books are free to people who remain subscribed through the new month and $15 as an à la carte item.