From what I understand, NFT’s are digital bits of information that can be authenticated to their original source. It’s like a digital version of owning an original Picasso. There are prints of his work in circulation, but having the original piece has a different meaning. Original pieces of artwork are rare and scarce in numbers.

NFTs are the digital way of creating scarcity and authenticating an original piece of artwork.

In the world of photography, digital photographs are not limited by physical scarcity. You can make infinite copies of an original file. So even if someone buys the original JPEG file from you, you can’t authenticate that it’s the original file, and other copies may still exist.

This is not the case with film photographs. There is physical scarcity because you can’t make copies of the film strip. You can scan it and make copies of that file, but it’s still not the actual physical strip that has the imprint of the image on it. 

The first set of NFTs I’m releasing will be a collection of mixed-media contact sheets. Each contact sheet NFT also comes with the photos that are on the sheet as individual NFTs. Every NFT will be 1 of 1.

Inshallah this release takes place in October or November of 2021. Leave your email below if you’d like to recieve updates about it.

The second collection drop will be a series of individual film photographs as NFTs that come attached with their original film negative strip. Each photograph will be a 1 of 1 NFT.

When an NFT sells,  the film negative of that image will be individually framed, sealed, and kept in a safe until exhibited at a physical gallery.

After the exhibition, the NFT owners receive their framed negatives. This is how they take ownrship over the original work. Each negative will come with a certification of authenticity and the name of its 1st owner.

Inidividuals who purchase NFTs from the 1st and 2nd collection will have first dibs on future drops.


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